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Vibrational Medicine

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Is there something that you really want to achieve and would like to know how to materialise the wish that has been permeating your thoughts? If so, we invite you to become an alchemist of your own magic potion. Trust me, you already have the necessary skills.

Welcome to my first Soulspace blog post. This is a very special one as it sets out the origins of how Mark and I connected and teamed up on this sailing adventure. Mark planned to sail single handed, should nobody fitting the bill appear on the horizon, yet allowed the possibility that suitable crew is welcomed onboard. In the meantime I was in Bali, where I have learnt about the magic of vibrational medicine.

“Do you realise how powerful Nature is? Neither do I, and I don't ever expect to understand that, however I am glad to get a glimpse into the infinite potential of the Universe.”

I went to Bali to practice yoga, but lucky enough I got to practice and learn much more. One of those things was preparing a Vibrational Medicine.

On the day of the Full Moon we received a small glass of water, a little bottle with drop dispenser and a blank label, and instructions to first meditate on an intention we may have, then having that intention in mind take a walk in nature and find a plant with blossom, ask the plant to give us a flower to prepare a Vibrational Medicine for the purpose of materialising this intention. Then we were to pick the flower, and thank the plant for it. Subsequently the flower needed to be submerged in the glass of water and we were to perform a yoga ritual to reiterate our intention. Following the ritual the glass with the flower was to be left exposed to the full spectrum of light for 24 hours. After that, the flower was to be returned to the ground, and the water filled into the bottle and the bottle labelled accordingly with what the Vibrational Medicine was for.

My intention was very clear in my head - I wanted to meet a sailor and live on a boat with him. With that in mind I took the glass, yoga matt and set off to a frangipani tree to ask for a flower, which would empower my Vibrational Medicine to deliver that wish into the material world. With great appreciation I picked the flower and put it in the water. I unrolled my yoga mat at the pool and as the full moon was rising I performed moon salutation to reverberate the yin energy of the pale shining Earth's satellite. The heart opening meditation after the yoga practice made tears flow down my face.

As a tropical island, Bali is full of insects so ants instantly found their way to the glass containing water and flower. Carefully I fished out the ants and closed the glass in a transparent plastic box. The following evening I buried the flower and poured the water into the little bottle. I drank a few drops and placed the bottle beside a wooden figurine, which I bought in a local crafts shop.

The figurine was chosen carefully from lots of others, as in my mind it represented equality in partnership and common goal - hence the two figures are of even height and looking in one direction. It is obvious from the position of their arms and upper bodies touching that they represent romantic relationship. The ladies looking after my room would put frangipani flowers in the figurine's connecting hands and I picked this up and made it my morning ritual. In the evenings I had lit candles and an incense stick.

Did it work?

I returned home at the end of November and started looking for a sailing trip for singles for the New Year Eve. I couldn't find anything except for charters, so kept looking until I have found a website for connecting with sailors. After a few days of hesitation I have paid my membership and very soon started chatting with Mark. We now live and sail together on his beautiful boat. The best is yet to come ;)


P.s. If you are interested in this process and feel you would like any clarification please feel free to email me at

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