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Rocket and Veg Salad

The ingredients of this salad are optional and depend on what is available in your fridge or pantry, and on your imagination, however the recipe here if not followed word for word, can serve as an inspiration and basis for your own creation.  


Preparation time: approximately 10 - 15 min (don't blame me, if you're slow!)


It is up to you how much and what proportions :)

Rocket leaves


Red pepper 

Cocktail tomatoes 


Cheese (whatever kind you like and have available, I used white cheddar)

Olive or vegetable oil

Yeast flakes 

Optional ingredients: nuts, seeds, other veg and whatever your tastebuds crave ;)


Fry peeled and sliced garlic in vegetable or olive oil, add sliced mushrooms and dried parsley leaves. 

In a salad bowl place rocket leaves on the bottom, then add the fried mushrooms, diced peppers, cocktail tomatoes, sliced or diced radishes, diced cheese, sprinkle with yeast flakes and olive oil. Can be served with buttered toast. Enjoy :)

I prepare each serving in a separate small salad bowl, no fighting.

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