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Red Cabbage Salad

Great way to contribute to your '5 a day'! This recipe is my own take on a dish which often featured at home when I was growing up. The difference is, my mum used to boil the cabbage for a few minutes and the pour the dark purple water down the sink getting rid of all the flavonoids. I find it is best to sauté the cabbage (fry it quickly in a little bit of vegetable oil) to preserve the goodness of this beautifully coloured veg. 



Preparation time: Approximately 25 min but it is worth it!


Red cabbage

Red onion (large, or a couple of small ones)

Raisins (handful or two, depends on how much you like raisins)

Dried cranberries - an alternative to raisins or the two can be combined

Vegetable oil


Vinger or lemon juice




Chop the onion into small cubes, preheat oil, add the onions and salt, fry for a minute, add the cabbage chopped into strips and the raisins, cover and fry for up to 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Sample if you like the texture of the cabbage, as some people would prefer a more al dente version, some like it softer. When all is cooked to your liking, add some vinegar or lemon juice and stir the salad, the cabbage will change from dull purple to a vivid share of the colour. Add grated apple and some ground pepper. Enjoy! 

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