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Who's sailing Altor of Down?

Mark Thompson

I've sailed all my life and was first carried onto a boat in a moses basket aged 3 weeks. It's fair to say sailing and boats are in my DNA. My DNA is certainly in Altor following a two year refit and innumerable cuts, bumps and scrapes in the process of the refit. I'm no craftsman, mechanic , electrician or plumber but if you want to learn, a boat will give you the opportunity to do so. I'm always keen to learn which is just as well because all of these things and the sea can make a fool of you in a second. Someone once said to me 'The sea is a cruel mistress. First you get the exam and then the lesson'.

I might not have enjoyed school but I like the lessons owning a boat throws at you! 

I used to wear a suit, work in an office and I used to shave every day. Now I wear as many clothes as I need to and shave whenever I want. Apart from that, I don't think I've changed other than the fact that currently I enjoy playing with boats seven days a week instead of two. Life tastes good.

Asha Krasuska

I come from eastern Poland, and despite there wasn't even a decent lake in the vicinity of my home town, I have always been drawn to sailing. 

My attempts at sailing have been pretty scattered through the years, but the idea has been always alive in my head. I jumped on the first opportunity of owning a sailboat, and despite it was just a few months affair, it has been pretty intense and had me reassured that living on a boat is the best kind of lifestyle for me. Despite the limited living space, the world is your oyster. There is no better feeling than getting up and climbing into the cockpit to enjoy the view as far as the horizon allows.  

There is a long way ahead of me in terms of learning the sailing skills, but I am enjoying the process a lot, even when the seas are rocky and my stomach is queasy. I will keep you all posted on the progress of catching up with the old salty sea dog (AKA Mark) ;)

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