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Potato Cakes AKA Platzki Fantaski!!!

This is our favourite dish, well, Mark's favourite dish, so features very often on our menu. Since this is a Polish cuisine speciality, and the original name is "placki ziemniaczane", Mark calls it "platzki fantaski" :D 

This is a very satisfying meal, great for an evening menu. It is very easy, relatively quick to make, and goes well with variety of side bites, like salads, pickled vegetables, or any type of savoury sauce you may like, for example tomato ketchup, sour cream or, if you are well stocked up and lucky, tzatziki.  

Preparation time - depending how many potatoes you have to grate ;)

Essential ingredients:



Egg (1 per 3 large potatoes)

Wheat flour (1 spoon per 3 large potatoes)




Nigella seeds 

Dried tomato flakes 




Peel the potatoes if you want. If you are using new potatoes I don't think there is any need. Up to you! 

Grate the potatoes finely, grate the garlic and onion (I usually only use garlic). Add egg(s), flour, spices, mix until everything is blended into a smooth dough. 

Preheat oil on a frying pan, place spoonfuls of dough in the hot oil to form small cakes and fry until golden brown. 

Serve with salad or sauces or both. For salad ideas please click here. If you have any questions please feel free to email us on 

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