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Magic of Manifestation

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

If you wonder why the Full Moon is the ideal time for manifesting rituals, I would like to share some insights from my own experience. The substance of manifesting boils down to being intentional, specific and trust the process. Leave space for the Universe to deliver something that might be better than you have imagined.

Luna' is the Latin word for the Moon, and it might not be the most irrelevant association that mentally disturbed people used to be called 'lunatics', as the full moon brings up some powerful and crazy energies that keep me awake at night, and according to hearsay, lots of other people as well.

Although I do not grow hair, nor turn into an enormous canine species howling at the moon and feeding on human flesh, I do feel the strong current caused by the pale glowing Earth's natural satellite. Sure thing, if the Moon is powerful enough to govern the tides around the Earth, it can also cause the energy in human beings to fluctuate, especially Full Moon, as it is the ultimate expression of this satellite.

As alluded to in the "Vibrational Medicine" blog, Full Moon is the ideal time to channel the lunar energy and set some powerful manifestation intention and make the most of the special astrological occurrence.

How to set the intention?

Of course in your head! That's the first thing. I know we tend to forget things and change our minds and confuse ourselves and the Universe, so it is good to make some tangible representation of what it is you want. It can be a vision board or some physical object representing your desires. Remember to be SPECIFIC. You don't order just 'food' in the restaurant, you first read the menu and decide what you want. The dishes are described usually pretty precisely and you can always ask the waiter what a dish is like to know what you are ordering. With manifesting it is even easier, as the order is made on your terms, to your specific taste. You are the chef and the diner.

You do understand it is not enough to say that you would like to become a movie star, because you know, hm… there are all kinds of movies and associated stars and you do want your order to be right on target when it has landed. The disappointment of getting the food I don't like is overwhelming, but at least it is just food… ;)

Better again, visualise how you would feel when your wish come true. I know how happy I would be indulging in my favourite food, and it is similar with manifesting other things. It is not just about having things or experiencing stuff, it is about how will this make you feel. So if you want a new powerful sports car, imagine how proud you will be driving this uncomfortable contraption, how will the smell of the leather interiors make your head spin when you get into it, and wrap your hands around perfectly profiled steering wheel, or imagine the adrenaline of outrunning police patrol… or maybe that's not the best vision, anyway…

What's next?

Meditate. Yes, so simple. Ideally retreat into nature. Raise your energy to connect with the Full Moon's vibrations, feel the pale light running like a current through your veins, healing all fears and expanding your aura, ironing out any creases of confused strands of energy, making the sphere of the aura around you bright and clear, transparent, vibrating with power, shedding any unwanted pieces like sand, or smoke and returning them to the Earth, so they filtrate through its layers and transform to become something new, something improved.

After meditation is the time to make your vibrational medicine - as per recipe included here (link). It can be an addition to the tangible representation of your wish to reinforce it.


Practice yoga. Yoga is the most powerful form of body movement. No, not to knock other people's lights out. It is to knock your inhibitions and tensions out, to iron out the knots created by memories carried in our bodies that cause tension, trauma, disease, stress and so on. Yoga is the gift from the ancient knowledge contained in the Vedas (I will write about that at a future stage).

Yoga tips for this occasion

Moon Salutations - coming soon on our YouTube channel and in the next blog.

Happy manifesting to All!


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