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Loosing and finding

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Privileges, luxuries, freedoms, comforts, possessions and so on are often taken for granted, but they're not in the same category as death and taxes. One day we enjoy them and the next they might be gone if not looked after. Take for example the current global situation. Pubs and restaurants reopened after months of lock down so everyone craving pints from the tap in a social environment flocked down to their locals, or as in our case, the nearest one open!

Taking advantage of the new found freedom to socialize Mark and I picked a venue for my birthday dinner and a few drinks. The plan was to have 'a few' but remain civilised and get back to the boat at a decent time to enjoy a few more but as the social lubricant kicked in we made some friends and the rounds began upon the announcement that a new lap around the sun has just begun for me.

The new found freedom to socialize resulted in a rude awakening the following day. I woke up feeling sorry for myself but went on with my daily duties, skipping breakfast and coffee. I limited my movements to a bare minimum as the familiar feeling from the past kept me half-witted until lunch time when I discovered that my DSLR camera was missing. The camera is relatively large, but like a maniac I kept looking in my backpack where I thought it should be. No matter how many times I looked in there, it didn't reappear! I kept searching around the boat and in the dinghy but it was nowhere to be seen. I supressed my despair and googled the phone number for the Mishnish, the scene of the previous night's debauchery! A girl picked up the phone and I explained my case. I honestly didn't have a clue what she was saying so I put the conversation on a loud speaker so Mark could listen and translate Scottish-English to English-English.

Unfortunately the news wasn't good. Another wave of cold sweats came over me. We tried to retrace our steps. I picked up the phone and rang the next port of call on that eventful night. After a few in the pub we got invited for a few more at a local gent and all round nice guy's house. I was able to pin point him as he told us he owned a shop in the town. The news that my camera was safe and sound with him in his shop was a huge relief. All sins forgiven, no harm, no foul!

We got ourselves sorted and headed for shore in the dinghy and as we pulled up alongside the pontoon, we spotted Mark's life jacked tossed carelessly back on the pontoon roughly near where the dinghy had been tied up the previous night. It seems that the low life Mark mentioned in the previous blog redeemed himself by returning what he has borrowed the night before. The temporary loss of the camera made us return to shore instead of leaving with the south-east wind. Reunited with the life jacket I strapped both Mark's and mine to my backpack not willing to leave those behind and risk someone else borrowing them and skipped happily to collected my camera. Lost and found twice!

Mishnish in yellow. Great night!


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