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Life aboard 2 - honest guide for wannabe sailors

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Boat life offers an entire spectrum of experiences, from the sheer delight of champagne sailing days, epic sunsets, cheerful dolphin encounters, through everyday joys and challenges, all the way to sailing in gale force winds at night and knowing there is no way to escape. While having no intention to rain on your picnic, aka ruin anyone’s plans to live on a boat and sail around the world, it’s worth mentioning a few things just to avoid surprises. If you like all kinds of surprises, you can ditch reading the rest ;)

The relief of arriving at a safe port after a long voyage filled with adventures.

The first thing is the seasickness.

Yes, I still suffer from this unpleasant, to say the least, infliction. In fairness, I haven’t resorted to any inventions of the pharmaceutical industry to conquer the issue, as I am a firm believer that I will become immune and it’s just better not to do anything and wait for my body to adjust to the motion of the ocean, no matter how wild. I find that the best cure for it in the meantime is to occupy my brain with something, like steering the boat. I tried mint and sour flavored things, but same as in international affairs, it’s not about the taste, it’s about the distraction to take the mind off the ache. Despite feeling sorry for myself when experiencing seasickness, I do all that is required and soldier on!

Gale force winds and rough seas are next.

I haven’t experienced many of those and thank God for this! The latest one (and I wish the last one) caught up with us in the middle of the Irish Sea as it was getting dark. It made the overnight passage very exhausting, as it is impossible to catch forty winks with the swell and waves smashing into the boat. Along with seasickness it adds up to a hellish combo that becomes a fertile ground for thoughts of abandoning the ship and running for the safety of firm ground, but as soon as all is over, and the water surface smooths out I do know that back on land I would dream about sailing again. 

As of today, we have been in Scotland for just over two weeks and the strong winds have been plaguing Loch Ryan with astounding frequency. Indeed, the last 48 hours didn’t entice us to leave the boat and I resorted to sleeping in  the lounging area in the saloon  as the transom slap (when the back of the boat lifts up on waves and slams down again with a loud bang) made it impossible to get any rest. Unlike me, Mark finds it therapeutic. At this stage I am researching shamanic rituals to calm the wind down!

Being boat bound

I cannot complain about staying on the boat for prolonged periods of time. I think our record so far is six days, but since it doesn’t bother me, maybe except for wild winds and rough seas swaying the boat constantly, I am happy to confirm that I am happy Obviously the key is the right company! On this positive note I will leave you with the search phrase “boats for sale” and wish you a happy hunting!

Boat bound or not, the view ain't too bad.

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