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Adventure again!

I do not know if someone put the winter break on a fast forward, but season two of Adventure Now has just begun! We have chosen to sail north up the east cost of Great Britain, which means we are threading back the familiar path that led us home after last year’s voyage from the Faroe Island. Home? True, England isn’t really my home but after getting to know Mark’s family I was very emotional to bid them farewell as I really felt like a piece of me would be staying in Essex. I will be delighted to return there to reconnect with these people that have their place in my heart.

We spent the Easter holidays with Mark’s family and a week later casted off our lines on low tide, just to get stuck in Essex mud. (On a side note, the Essex mud is responsible for a lot! I might devote an entire chapter to this special substance.) Before anyone says anything, it was all planned. Well, the departure at a low tide was, as we wanted to see Wendy and Joanna on the lookout point in Burnham on our way out of the River Crouch. The getting stuck part was a little surprise to us. After a few attempts of motoring ahead and astern we managed to wiggle Altor free and we were on our way east. The girls were waiting for us and waved us goodbye, which was really sweet. This is becoming a tradition for us, and now I have the feeling that I would like to return there after this season.

We were going to visit Pyefleet Creek of the River Colne, anchor for a couple of days and explore the upper reaches of the River Colne to Wivenhoe by dinghy, but this plan was abandoned due to an unfavourable weather forecast and we headed straight to the favourite River Orwell and picked up a mooring buoy near Pin Mill. To be honest, I am now as guilty as Mark at this being the favourite river, as it is an awesome place, if an entire river can be called a place. The sky room, the views, beautiful nature around, and cool places like the Butt and Oyster pub and Woolverstone Marina are now all engraved on my list of “must visit again and again” places. The weather so far is absolutely spoiling us with sunny days and stunning sunsets, which we can now admire while sitting in the cosey shelter of our new cockpit enclosure.

After a few days more than we had planned to stay, we headed into Ipswich Haven Marina, Ipswich Dock, another place on the above-mentioned list. The sun is beaming down as I’m typing this blog while sitting on a wooden pontoon. The Dock is protected from any kind of weather, and the town, with its peculiar mixture of cultures is a great place to relax before we head further north later on today. Since being in the River Orwell we haven’t filmed so as not to repeat what we showed in Episode 17, Season 1, if you watch our YouTube channel, but please feel free to check out our Instagram for videos and photos of the current affair. Life is awesome and I am so grateful that Adventure Now carries on!

Thank you for reading 🙃 ⛵️ Stayed tuned for more. Altor out.

P.S. Here is a big shout out to the King of Essex - we miss your royal visits and the awesome entertainment that you always provide! See you when we get back 🙂

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